Works: from the right side of my brain

Welcome to the Right Side of My Brain, which is of course the creative side.

The mission of my business is to provide a service to builders, decorators, homeowners, and businesses (though not for profits), that is unequaled in creativity, and artistic quality. It is our goal to listen to and work with the client, to understand the feeling and look that they want to create, to come up with a plan to help them achieve their decorating or finishing goals, and to execute the plan in a timely fashion. I believe that the website shows a large variety of murals. In the past I have not taken very many pictures of faux finishes as they really don't photograph very well. I will however consider putting up some of the more dramatic ones. In the near future I will be adding more to the website as I get the necessary pictures. Thank you for your patience.

The web site is broken up into several categories, most of which are self explanatory.

Public art is art that is available for anyone in the general public to see.

Commercial Art is created for a business. Private Art is a category for jobs done for individual clients; as are Children's rooms and bathrooms.

The exhibits section is for exhibits that I have designed and installed for the Monmouth Museum. The Monmouth Museum is a children's museum located on the Brookdale College campus in Lincroft, New Jersey. These exhibits are interactive; the children actually have to make their way through them. I have worked with the talented team of professionals at the museum to design, build, install and paint all of the murals required for each exhibit. Most of the exhibits stay up for approximately two to three years, although there are some that only last a few months.

The sculpture section has photographs of some of my snow sculptures and will soon have some of my other works in stone and also in wood and other mediums. I have been a little lax in taking the necessary pictures. I will get to it soon.

The other section or the What not section is for all of the unusual and sometimes strange jobs that I get as a creative person. Once again the photos of many of these things will be forthcoming.

Some of the sections will have multiple pages of thumbnails. If you click on the thumbnail it will fill the entire screen. I hope you enjoy the work.